PT Gealogic Survey Provices offers exploration surveys which are related to energy (oil, gas, geothermal), minerals and metal, groundwater, civil engineering and geotechnical problems. We provide several survey methods i.e. geo-electrical, geochemical and geophysics followed by drilling service.

We offer a Non-seismic survey for the geophysics survey, like the magneto telluric method, Time Domain EM, Induced Polarization (IP) and a combination of the above methods using the best-known Phoenix Geophysics equipment. Magneto telluric (MT) is the most commonly used technique, from the natural signal of the earth’s magnetic field; MT derives a reistivity – VS – Depth image of the subsurface. Magneto telluric (MT) technique is used in the development and application for geothermal resources exploration. It acquires quality data and can pinpoint the location of geothermal sources. For the Oil and Gas Exploration, the induced Polarization (IP) methods, achieves drilling success until 73% (based on 65 wells).

At a basic level of interpretations, resistively is correlated with different rock types. High - velocity layer are typically highly resistive, where as sediments – porous and permeable – are much less resistive. While high – velocity layers are an acoustic barrier, their electrical resistivity means the magnetic signal passes through almost unimpeded, allowing MT to see deep beneath these layers. MT Data provides both dimensionality and directionality indicators, adding more detail to structural and stratigraphic interpretation.

On the other hand, it has made valuable contributions in refining geologic models, reducing exploration risk, and improving production monitoring.
Drilling services are carried out for water wells, construction pilling and soil sampling using Longyear, YBM and Koken. We also conduct wire line coring system mainly in the field of mining surveys, oil and gas surveys, water well drilling, grouting and geothermal surveys.

Our team is also very experienced in drilling rigs, fluids, mud logging, H2S monitoring, wire line logging, log processing, cementing, stimulation and testing operations, complete with an international quality certification. We provide our costumers excellent quality and services.

PT. GEALOGIC SURVEY PROVICES (GSP) had conducted airborne magnetic-radiometric survey in 2013 affiliate with Thomson Aviation Australia. The first integrated airborne geophysical survey was conducted in Oksibil, Papua, Indonesia. The project was carried out on high altitude aeromagnetic surveys, over Antares and Mandala mountains ring and completed these surveys on contract with PT. Antam Tbk.


Magnetometer and Compensator.

The Geometrics 822A Magnetometer is a highly sensitive unit incorporating an optically pumped sensor. The constant harmonic frequency from the sensor is proportional to the surrounding scalar magnetic field. This frequency is resolved by the Kroum KMAG4 Counter/ Processor which provides the magnetic field to a nominal accuracy of 0.01nT at 20 times per second both in analogue and digital forms. The sensor and pre-amp will be mounted in a "stinger" which will be attached to the aircraft. The Kroum KMAG4 magnetic counter is used to correct for the magnetic interference caused by the aircraft itself and the effects of it maneuvering in the earth’s magnetic field. The signal from the magnetometer is preserved without aliasing or phase distortion.



A King KR405B Radar Altimeter or similar type system being a high resolution, short pulse radio altitude system designed for automatic continuous operation over a wide variation of terrain, target reflectivity, weather and aircraft altitude. The radar altimeter indicator provides a terrain clearance display from 0-650 meter.



Barometric pressure is recorded using a Vaisala pressure transducer with a range of 600 to 1,600 Hpa and a resolution of 0.04 Hpa (equivalent to approximately 0.4 meter). The sensor is calibrated to the height given by the GPS.



The GeOZ-DAS digital data acquisition system records all system parameters to removable “Flash Cards” and provides both pilot guidance and error reporting diagnostics for the pilot or operator. Data are transferred to a field computer for both verification and archiving prior to being shipped to the processing center.



The GPS receiver is a Novatel OEMV-1 VBS 12 channel parallel tracking receiver capable of providing sub-meter resolution at five times per second. The GPS receiver is integrated within the GeOZ-DAS acquisition unit.



Geometrics Recording Base Station Model G-856 with analog and digital recording will be used as a diurnal monitor and run continuously during the survey periods. The sensor of the magnetometer will be placed in a low gradient area beyond the region of expected influence of any man-made interference.



The Radiation Solutions RS-500 Gamma Ray Spectrometer is interfaced to a RSX-4 NaI (Tl) crystal detector pack with a total volume of 16.8 liter (1,024 cubic inches) which provide high resolution spectral information from 0.3 MeV to 3.0 MeV. In addition, the five primary regions of interest, Total Count, Potassium, Uranium, Thorium and Cosmic are recorded. The detector packs embody the latest techniques whereby the elimination of “dead time” in the counting process yields up to 20% more counts over competing systems. Superior calibration facilities include the visual real time monitoring of full spectrum data and in flight monitoring of gain drift relative to the selected isotope window, ensure that long term data quality is maintained.


We was participating national Saresehan energy baru terbarukan untuk mewujudkan visi energy 25/25

On November 2nd 2010, PT Gealogic Survey Provices was participating national Saresehan energy baru terbarukan untuk mewujudkan visi energy 25/25 wich been held by Minestry of ESDM RI (energy sumber daya Mineral ).

We was participating national seminar on Geologi Nuklir dan Sumber Daya Tambang 2010

On October 26th 2010, PT Gealogic Survey Provices was participating national seminar on Geologi Nuklir dan Sumber Daya Tambang 2010 wich been held by Pusat Pengembangan Geologi Nuklir Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional. Our contribution as sponsor on the seminar with topic Peran IPTEK Nuklir dan kebumian pada Era Otonomi daerah Guna menunjang Kesejahteraan Masyarakat.

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